APPAF Newsletter 04-01-2017

April 01, 2017

The Latest News from the US, Israel and Palestine

A well-educated and informed public is best equipped to practice democracy and to hold its representatives responsible and accountable to answer and protect its needs.

This newsletter provides what is missing in the US mainstream media and what the American public needs to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF

From The USA



VT: Trump to Silence Flynn over Turkish Death Squad Operations in America By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor. House immunity deal or pardon for Flynn’s silence over secret assassination program

VT: Neocon Whore Dick Cheney: Russia Commits an Act of War By Jonas E. Alexis
Dick Cheney’s relentless, pathetic and ultimately worthless attempt to demonize Russia should be an embarrassment to decent Americans. He is trying to revise the New World Order, but we all know that it is dying.

Global Research: The Bin Ladens, the Bushes and 9/11: A Former US President Meets Osama’s Brother, Not Subject to Anti-terrorism Legislation By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

 US Preparing for War Amid Claims to Support Assad Rule By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor     {There is an adage which says that war is a camouflaged tricky deception of the enemy and the people}

ICH: John Pilger: Disastrous Consequences if US Proceeds with “Policy of Provocation” Video
After losing its economic prowess, Washington has turned almost obsessively to its military might, and the prospect of nuclear war is no longer unthinkable           {It takes lunatics to commit a disastrous lunatic criminal act. Does the US have a lot of them in sensitive decision-making positions?}

ICH: Trump Succumbs to Bush/Obama Perpetual War. President Trump is becoming the third post-9/11 president to prosecute bloody conflicts in the Mideast and impose mass surveillance at home, with no end in sight, observes retired Col. Ann Wright.
{He must have known it, and must have predicted that he would also succumb to Netanyahu like his preceding presidents. His blind ambition to take on the US presidency precluded him from considering the costly consequences of his ambition. He certainly is no wise Ross Perot}

The Ugly Truth: 2 New York Rabbis Banned From Performing Circumcision (And Oral Sex) On Jewish Baby Boys


The Ugly Truth: Netanyahu introduces agreement with Trump to limit settlement building

The Ugly Truth: Israel prepares for next war with Hezbollah in mock village        {Mentally deranged warmongering Israeli leaders are reaching the height of their destructive lunacy with US support of course. Samson Complex would also destroy Israel not by war but, also through  its renouncement by the whole world regardless of its blind passionate American support.}

The Ugly Truth: Fliers accusing Jews of anti-Semitic hoaxes dropped near Arizona JCC

MONDOWEISS: J Street attends rightwing anti-BDS summit– and gets called ‘anti-Semitic’ By Philip Weiss

Antiwar: Israeli Cabinet Approves First New Settlement in 20 Years Posted By Jason Ditz      {Did diminutive king Netanyahu turn Trump into another vassal like his three predecessors, Bush, Clinton and Obama? and did Ntanyahu manage to turn “Trump’s America First Braggadocio” into ashes and empty rhetoric ? or hope not?}.


Gulf News: Palestinians, UN slam Israel new colony plan. UN chief expresses disappointment and alarm at plan and insists there is no Plan B for peace

The Ugly Truth: How They Do It–The West’s refusal to recognize the religious basis for the Israeli Palestinian conflict       {For those who have logical, rational and analytical intellect and serious constructive knowledge, real Islam of the Quran is secular; Its pillars consist of belief in the oneness of the almighty, all-knowing all-encompassing creator, designer and lawmaker God of the universe, and belief in divine laws of peaceful coexistence among all of the nations, and belief in equitable, proportionate, democratic, economic sharing and giving. That is far from the current pagan practice of Islam and Sharia. Islam is not pagan. Its basis is intellect and knowledge as in Chapter 96 of the Quran. Constitution of a Palestinian state founded on those principles will be the most modern one in the world if Palestinians use their real intellect and wisdom  of the Quran which discredits the rules of traditional SHARIA}

The Ugly Truth: Palestinian Character is confirmed by King Solomon’s words

MONDOWEISS: Jerusalem’ on Gaza TV set is as close as many Palestinians will get to real thing By Ahmad Kabariti

VT: Our World is Here. Where is Here? Everywhere! By Elaine Mercedes Mendoza
Building Bridges! Breaking Down Walls! Internationally acclaimed author and artista Elaine Mercedes Mendoza shows how we are all part of connecting our world in this, our new 21st Century!


The American Empire Project: President Blowback. How the Invasion of Iraq Came Home by Tom Engelhardt

The Forward: How Adam Schiff Became An Unlikely Threat To Trump’s Presidency — And Isn’t Going Away By Nathan Guttman {Who else can paralyze or neutralize US presidents?. Remember George Bush Senior and US presidential elections, George Bush Junior and Israel’s Sharon, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Rahm Emanuel and Obama, Woe to the thoughtless, gullible and naive public!}

The Ugly Truth: Why are Jews promoting European far-right parties?

VT: Press TV Debate: America’s Warmongering Aimed at Iran By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

Antiwar: Is Putin the ‘Preeminent Statesman’ of Our Times? Posted By Patrick J. Buchanan

Global Research: The Surveillance State Behind Russia-Gate By Bill Binney and Ray McGovern, Consortiumnews,com

Global Research: “We Stand on the Precipice of History”: The Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Talks. “Nukes are Illegitimate, Immoral and Illegal” By Ray Acheson, Reaching Critical Will

Global Research: An American Century of Carnage By John Dower,

Global Research: Dangerous Crossroads: Russia Fears a US Preemptive Nuclear Attack
By Stephen Lendman

“Practical Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse”

This newsletter provides what is missing in the US mainstream media and what the American public needs to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. We hope you never fail to make the connection between APPAF’s reported articles and the cause and effect of the Palestinian problem and the vicious Israeli occupation as its illegitimate heinous perpetrator

It follows the Admonitions of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson:
“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people” – John Adams – Second US President
“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson

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Please don’t forget that Palestine is as much of an American problem as it is a Palestinian and an Israeli problem.

• Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF
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