APPAF Newsletter 04-18-2017

April 18, 2017

The Latest News from the US, Israel and Palestine

A well-educated and informed public is best equipped to practice democracy and to hold its representatives responsible and accountable to answer and protect its needs.

This newsletter provides what is missing in the US mainstream media and what the American public needs to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF

From The USA

Zero Hedge: Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad By Tyler Durden

Marjorie Cohn: Trump Adds Insult to Injury in Syria Posted By Marjorie Cohn

Washington Blog: More Proof that Trump’s Attack on Syria Was a War Crime by Eric Zuesse.

The Corbett Report: The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory: TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES:…> The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the Syria Strikes from the truth-telling truth-tellers in the truthful government and true mainstream new

ICH: A Government of Morons By Paul Craig Roberts. Western Civilization, if civilization it is, is the greatest committer of war crimes in human history

ICH: What a Perverse Presidential Incentive System! By Sheldon Richman. War reminds the people that their real religion is the religion of State, i.e., nationalism       {Christianity changed its original religious dogma and psychology and behavior by the pagan Roman emperor in Nicaea three hundred years after the death of Jesus Christ}

ICH: Did Al Qaeda Fool the White House Again?. Despite evidence that Al Qaeda and its allies have staged fake chemical attacks in Syria before, Official Washington asserts with “high confidence” that it’s not being fooled again. By Robert Parry. If a U.S. government official voices “high confidence” that usually means “we don’t have any real evidence.

ICH: Piece of Cake: New Normal of Trump’s Foreign Policy By Pepe Escobar. “Sputnik “- Here’s the Commander-in-chief of the Beautiful Piece of Chocolate Cake School of Foreign Policy, expanding on his next move regarding North Korea. “We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines. Very powerful. Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. That I can tell you.” “The US will not tolerate a Russia-China alliance tilting the balance of power. North Korea and Syria are merely pawns in this struggle”

ICH: Stand Down Mr. Trump Stand Down. Video and Transcript. Trump cut a deal with the deep state, and the neoliberal/neocon/corporate alliance. They have his back now. Trump cut a deal with the deep state, and the neoliberal/neocon/corporate alliance. They got his back now.


NY Times: Over 1,000 Palestinian Prisoners in Israel Stage Hunger Strike By IAN FISHER

MONDOWEISS: Israel will celebrate 50th anniversary of ’67 war in — an illegal settlement!
By Philip Weiss and (((James North)))

The DP: The Daily Pennsylvanian: Students for Justice in Palestine holds ‘Israel Apartheid Week’
By Esha Indani

The National: Israel’s festivities will highlight 50 years of shame By Jonathan Cook

+972: Palestinian citizens of Israel are key to resisting the occupation. If Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, those who have grown up in Israeli society and lived alongside Jewish Israelis, were to truly organize and leverage their unique position, it would be impossible to break without ripping off the mask of apartheid. By Rida Abu Rass


WIKIPEDIA: 5 Broken Cameras

Palestine Chronicle: Palestinians in Europe unify around messages of hope. Palestinians in Europe Hold Annual Conference, Stress Right of Return

Palestine Chronicle: PALESTINE Museum of Natural History & botanical gardens opened yesterday by Bethlehem University professor & museum founder Mazin Qumsiyeh

Palestine Chronicle: As World Christians Celebrate Easter Holy Week in Jerusalem, Palestinian Christians Couldn’t          {Why 320 million Arabs are so stupid to let Israel and the Western leaders control them like sheep? Netanyahu managed not only to be the King of Israel but also the King of the whole Arab World. Thanks to the traitorous Arab Kings, Presidents and Rulers}

Palestine Chronicle: Irish MPs Call for Making Israel Accountable for Its War Crimes


Washington’s Blog: Americans Are No Different Than Germans Were (and Are). by Eric Zuesse., originally posted at

Washington’s Blog: What the U.S. Aristocracy Are Demanding by Eric Zuesse., originally posted at

Washington’s Blog: Corbett Report videos of ‘official stories’ on Syria, 9/11, Oklahoma City, JFK assassination reveal ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ coverage of rogue state empire: demanding .01% arrests, or do you need more lies, looting, destruction, death, debt, soul-sucking slavery, etc.?

CONSORTIUM NEWS: What Russia-gate Has Wrought. Exclusive: For five months, there was a daily drumbeat on Russia-gate, the sprawling conspiracy theory that Russia had somehow put Donald Trump in the White House, but suddenly the “scandal” disappeared, notes Robert Parry. Democrats, liberals and some progressives might be feeling a little perplexed over what has happened to Russia-gate, the story that pounded Donald Trump every day since his election last November – until April 4, that is. Green Party leader Jill Stein and retired Lt. General Michael Flynn attending a dinner marking the RT network’s tenth anniversary in Moscow, December 2015, sitting at the same table as Russian President Vladimir Putin. On April 4, Trump fully capitulated to the neoconservative bash-Russia narrative amid dubious claims about a chemical attack in Syria. On April 6, Trump fired off 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase; he also restored the neocon demand for “regime change” in Syria; and he alleged that Russia was possibly complicit in the supposed chemical attack.

ICH: World Held Hostage by American Military Madness By Finian Cunningham. The world is truly being pushed to an abysmal precipice. – {Does the criminal bloodthirsty psychology and behavior of western leadership reflect an inherited irreversible tenacious irresponsible trait of the lawless predatory hunter-gatherer era of evolution?}

ICH: Now Only Rational Thinking Can Save the World! By Andre Vltchek. The West has brought the world to the brink of total collapse, but its citizens, even its intellectuals, are stubbornly refusing to grasp the urgency.         {The only beneficial functions of rational logical intellect and sane knowledge are to serve the collective consensual human need of basic instinct against the wanton human want and destructive special interests greed}

ICH: The Fog of War. Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara. Errol Morris’s Oscar-winning 2003 documentary. This brilliant work by director Morris is the stuff of life. And death. It arouses the most basic moral and immoral questions of being human through an enormously complex and yet simple man, Robert Strange McNamara. It seems no coincidence, his middle name, as we get to know him in all his cleverness and contradictions. Morris subtly illuminates, literally through McNamara’s eyes, what it means to have power over life and death. 05/10/06

Youtube: Trump is following Kissinger’s Playbook – F. W. Engdahl

REDRESS: Cui bono? Who launched the chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib? by Uri Avnery

Practical Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse”

This newsletter provides what is missing in the US mainstream media and what the American public needs to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. We hope you never fail to make the connection between APPAF’s reported articles and the cause and effect of the Palestinian problem and the vicious Israeli occupation as its illegitimate heinous perpetrator

It follows the Admonitions of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson:
“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people” – John Adams – Second US President
“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson

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Please don’t forget that Palestine is as much of an American problem as it is a Palestinian and an Israeli problem.

• Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF
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