APPAF Newsletter 02-03-2018

February 03 2018

Dear Friends
Jordan as twin sister of Palestine and without natural resources survives on foreign donations, begging for US monetary support, and mercenary services to whomever needs it.
How do you envision a Palestinian state can survive: certainly wailing, complaining and begging cannot support a Palestinian state? Sympathy and support to Palestine cannot last forever. The international support will soon evaporate. Israel managed to ride the US horse. Arabs are not reliable sympathizers or supporters.

There is no real diplomatic or economic hope to solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem under the current Middle East Israeli-Arab circumstances. BUT President TRUMP expressed his intention to solve it against all obstacles. Let us hope that he can do it. HOWEVER, he will need tremendous American and Worldwide encouragement and support.
Several US administrations showed interest in solving the Palestinian-Israeli problem without success. Whether you like Trump or not, whether you support him or not, he is now the president of the United States of America. He is in the decision-maker seat.
Let us rally and unite the forces of “We the People all over the World” to encourage President TRUMP to translate our activism into a positive, peaceful constructive conclusion as the most logical equitable way: the American way
Please read and sign the petition. Ask your family members and friends to sign it. We may have a chance to succeed. This PETITION is not only for peace-loving Americans to sign but also for all peace-loving people from all over the world. Please circulate to family members and friends.

Please click the Petitions address to read and ………. sign

Two State Solution of Israel-Palestine Impasse on USA model “/>

The Latest News from the US, Israel and Palestine

Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF

From The USA

Youtube: Brother Nathanael Why Cant Anyone Stop Israel ? {Rothschild’s money can turn the majority of politicians into pandering servile liars}

Paul Craig Roberts: The Second Dossier Posted By pcr3

SPUTNIK: Congress Releases Republican Memo Alleging FBI Abuse of Power

Counterpunch: Syria Proves How Dangerous Wars are as They Come to an End by ROBERT FISK

DESERTPEACE: THE POISON APPLE OF THE WORLD // THE EVIL OF ZIONISM {Does America love Zionism even if it is for its own decimation in the long run?}

Antony Lowenstein: Destroying US democracy from within, My book review in The Australian newspaper: Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America By Nancy MacLean

The American Conservative: Trump’s Nuke Plan Raising Alarms Among Military Brass Posted By Mark Perry

Antiwar: We Have 1,000 Bases In 80 Countries. Do You Feel Safer? Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams

Aljazeera: Iran says Jerusalem ‘unchangeable’ capital of Palestine {But, can the easily bough and bosses world, and frightfully bullied and intimidated people be convinced to confront TRUMP and PENCE?}

From Israel

SPUTNIK: WARSAW (Sputnik) – The Embassy of Israel in Poland noted a number of anti-Semitic sentiments in recent days, including those targeting the country’s ambassador to Warsaw

MONDOWEISS: Thomas Friedman justifies slaughter of Arab civilians by ‘crazy’ Israel By Philip Weiss

MONDOWEISS: We’ll be waiting a long time for Al Jazeera’s undercover investigation of Israel lobby By Philip Weiss

MONDOWEISS: Israeli lawfare organization sues BDS activists for advising Lorde to cancel Israel concert By Jonathan Ofir

KANSACITY: No, Kansas, you can’t ban contractors from boycotting Israel By The Kansas City Star Editorial Board

From Palestine

Aljazeera: UN resolutions on occupied East Jerusalem

MONDOWEISS: How to win the battle for freedom, justice, and equality
Activism Nadia Hijab

MONDOWEISS: ‘They’re trying to punish us through our children’: A report from Nabi Saleh on Ahed Tamimi’s 17th birthday By Rhiannon F.

MONDOWEISS: Who would not slap a soldier after years of trauma and direct assaults? — an interview with Lynn Gottlieb, Yoav Litvin

MONDOWEISS: Israeli paper’s publication of BDS ad marks beginning of society’s return to sanity Hatim Kanaaneh

REUTERS: Abbas to address U.N. Security Council on February 20 amid U.S. tensions by Michelle Nichols          {Sure, Abbas will never remember mentioning before the whole world APPAF Petition to TRUMP }

Youtube: TE Lawrence on the rise of Ibn Saud and Wahhabism

Youtube: History of Saudi Arabia (House of Saud)

Youtube: Pre-Islamic history of the Middle East

VT: Maxine Waters: The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming! Assad stays, but the New World Order is now eyeing on Iran. They want to take actions again Iran, but Russia again is saying no. That should be enough for us to say: “Kudos for Russia.” By Jonas E. Alexis

SPUTNIK: It is Trump Who’s Transforming US Hegemon From Benign to Predatory’ – Professor

Global Research: Western Military Intervention and the Dangers of “Short-term” Foreign Policy Thinking By Ian Sinclair, Morning Star

Counterpunch: Trump’s Durable Base: Eight Reasons by PAUL STREET

Counterpunch: I Nominate Donald Trump For Best Actor in a Reality Drama by JOHN GRANT

Counterpunch: The Pentagon’s Useful Idiots by SERGE HALIMI

A well-educated and informed public is best equipped to practice democracy and to hold its representatives responsible and accountable to answer and protect its needs.
This newsletter provides what is missing in the US mainstream media and what the American public needs to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. We hope you never fail to make the connection between APPAF’s reported articles and the cause and effect of the Palestinian problem and the vicious Israeli occupation as its illegitimate heinous perpetrator
It follows the Admonitions of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson:
“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people” – John Adams – Second US President
“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson

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Please don’t forget that Palestine is as much of an American problem as it is a Palestinian and an Israeli problem.

• Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF
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