APPAF Newsletter 07-20-2017

July 20, 2017

Dear Friends
Jordan as twin sister of Palestine and without natural resources survives on foreign donations, begging for US monetary support, and mercenary services to whomever needs it.
How do you envision a Palestinian state can survive: certainly wailing, complaining and begging cannot support a Palestinian state? Sympathy and support to Palestine cannot last forever. The international support will soon evaporate. Israel managed to ride the US horse. Arabs are not reliable sympathizers or supporters.

There is no real diplomatic or economic hope to solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem under the current Middle East Israeli-Arab circumstances. BUT President TRUMP expressed his intention to solve it against all obstacles. Let us hope that he can do it. HOWEVER, he will need tremendous American and Worldwide encouragement and support.
Several US administrations showed interest in solving the Palestinian-Israeli problem without success. Whether you like Trump or not, whether you support him or not, he is now the president of the United States of America. He is in the decision-maker seat.
Let us rally and unite the forces of “We the People all over the World” to encourage President TRUMP to translate our activism into a positive, peaceful constructive conclusion as the most logical equitable way: the American way
Please read and sign the petition. Ask your family members and friends to sign it. We may have a chance to succeed. This PETITION is not only for peace-loving Americans to sign but also for all peace-loving people from all over the world. Please circulate to family members and friends.

Two State Solution of Israel-Palestine Impasse on USA model

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Two State Solution of Israel-Palestine Impasse based on the USA model

The Latest News from the US, Israel and Palestine

Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF

From The USA
 The Guardian: US nuclear arsenal controlled by 1970s computers with 8in floppy disks. Government Accountability Office report details ‘museum-ready’ machines controlling nuclear force messaging system that are ‘obsolete’              {PCR3: where does the $1 trillion annual military/security budget go? }

PaulCraigRoberts: Israel Pushes Trump to Wider Wars Posted By pcr3

Paul Craig Roberts: Behold, A Pale Horse: Its Rider Is Named Neocon And Hell Follows Him Posted By pcr3

Counterpunch: Why ISIS Fighters are Being Thrown Off Buildings in Mosul Posted By Patrick Cockburn

Counterpunch: Yemen Policy is Creating More Terrorists Posted By Adil E. Shamoo – Bonnie Bricker

Antiwar: Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Fear a Major New War Fear of Conflict Has Surged in the Past Several Months
By Jason Ditz

Antiwar: How To Sustain Perpetual War (It’s Easy, Hide the Bodies) by Peter Van Buren

Antiwar: The ‘Foreign Meddling’ Double-Standard. Latest anti-Trump group is funded by foreign governments by Justin Raimondo

The Unz Review: Fracking Around with the Russians. What will those rascals in Moscow do next? By PHILIP GIRALDI


VT: Syrian War Report – July 17, 2017: Israel Opposes To Ceasefire Brokered By US And Russia By South Front. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said that he opposes the ceasefire deal in southern Syria brokered by the United States and Russia. {Israel needs to be forced to live in peace with its self, the Palestinians and the rest of the world. Its 3000 year dogma, religion and fabricated claims will not work for ever. They need to be modified or even erased. The only people who can help Israel do that are the American people. And the only way to that is to be well informed about the real history, psychology and behavior of Israel, and then force the bossed and bought US politicians to change their corruptive servility to Israel and turn her into a country of peaceful coexistence. Please sign APPAF Petitions}

Youtube: EXCLUSIVE – Marianne Azizi – ZIONIST CPS Corruption In ISRAEL – You Won’t Believe Your Ears

MONDOWEISS: Israel advances bill to conceal its overseas partners in suppressing BDS By Kate

Al Monitor: Netanyahu puts Trump on notice over Syria

Al Monitor: Why Netanyahu loves playing foreign minister

Al Monitor: Expansion plan for Palestinian town a power test for Liberman
The conflict between Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and the settlers over his plan to expand the Palestinian city of Qalqilya is about to reach a boiling point. While Liberman insists that his plan is essential for purely security reasons, the settlers are waging an aggressive campaign to block it, claiming that it is actually dangerous.


MONDOWEISS: The spirit of ’68 lives on! Palestine advocacy and the indivisibility of justice By Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi

MONDOWEISS: In move to recognize Palestine, South Australia has overwhelming majority of Aussies behind it By Margaret Cassar

IsraelPalestineNews: U.N. says Gaza is ‘de-developing’ even faster than expected, but omits main cause

Palestine Photo Project: The Palestine Photo Project has collected more than 200 photos from pre-1948 Palestine. They are organized into eight collections. Scroll down and click on a collection to view them.

IsraelPalestine News: Winston-Salem Journal: On the ground with Israelis and Palestinians


WRH: The Real Russian Collusion

WHR: The Rape of We The People and The Constitution For The United States: CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD

Youtube: State Dept Email Leak shows more ties to Natalia Veselnitskaya

Global Research: It Took Obama More Than Two Years to Kill This Many Civilians. It Took Trump Less Than Six Months.
By Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams

Global Research: The Doomsday Clock is Ticking: Veterans Call on U.S. to Sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
By Brian Trautman, Gerry Condon, and Samantha Ferguson, Veterans For Peace

Global Research: Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War By Antony C. Black

Global Research: Canada’s Involvement in Supporting Terrorism and Aggressive Warfare By Mark Taliano

VT: Paul Gottfried is wrong about Vladimir Putin By Jonas E. Alexis.
Paul Gottfried skipped the essentially crucial element that the vast majority of Ukrainians are Russians and that Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to join Russia. Even the Wall Street Journal, of all places, reported quite rightly that “More than 96% of Crimean voters cast their ballots to break away from Ukraine and rejoin Russia, in a referendum that raises the stakes in the most acute East-West confrontation since the Cold War.”

A well-educated and informed public is best equipped to practice democracy and to hold its representatives responsible and accountable to answer and protect its needs.
This newsletter provides what is missing in the US mainstream media and what the American public needs to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. We hope you never fail to make the connection between APPAF’s reported articles and the cause and effect of the Palestinian problem and the vicious Israeli occupation as its illegitimate heinous perpetrator
It follows the Admonitions of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson:
“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people” – John Adams – Second US President
“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson

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Please don’t forget that Palestine is as much of an American problem as it is a Palestinian and an Israeli problem.

• Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF
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