APPAF Newsletter 10-06-2017

October 06, 2017

Dear Friends
Jordan as twin sister of Palestine and without natural resources survives on foreign donations, begging for US monetary support, and mercenary services to whomever needs it.
How do you envision a Palestinian state can survive: certainly wailing, complaining and begging cannot support a Palestinian state? Sympathy and support to Palestine cannot last forever. The international support will soon evaporate. Israel managed to ride the US horse. Arabs are not reliable sympathizers or supporters.

There is no real diplomatic or economic hope to solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem under the current Middle East Israeli-Arab circumstances. BUT President TRUMP expressed his intention to solve it against all obstacles. Let us hope that he can do it. HOWEVER, he will need tremendous American and Worldwide encouragement and support.
Several US administrations showed interest in solving the Palestinian-Israeli problem without success. Whether you like Trump or not, whether you support him or not, he is now the president of the United States of America. He is in the decision-maker seat.
Let us rally and unite the forces of “We the People all over the World” to encourage President TRUMP to translate our activism into a positive, peaceful constructive conclusion as the most logical equitable way: the American way
Please read and sign the petition. Ask your family members and friends to sign it. We may have a chance to succeed. This PETITION is not only for peace-loving Americans to sign but also for all peace-loving people from all over the world. Please circulate to family members and friends.

Please click the Petitions address to read and ………. sign

Two State Solution of Israel-Palestine Impasse on USA model

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Two State Solution of Israel-Palestine Impasse based on the USA model

The Latest News from the US, Israel and Palestine

Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF

From The USA

CONSORTIUM NEWS: Exclusive: The U.S. mainstream media is determined to prove Russia-gate despite the scandal’s cracking foundation and its inexplicable anomalies, such as why Russia would set up a Facebook “puppies” page, writes Robert Parry.       {Grownup children with immature brains}

VT: NEO – America’s Institutional Stupidity, More than Trump
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor. [Editor’s Note: This is an angry piece by Gordon, but not overly so. The latter always undermines your argument, rather than helping it. He is also challenging a large part of the public who has gone along with the great scam a bit too willingly, despite their complaints to the contrary.

VT: Kurdish Secession US Plot to Create New ‘Israel’: Leader Tells Erdogan         {Palestine is a done deal as part of greater Israel. Can’t do Syria, now is the time to work on Kurdistan}

Paul Craig Roberts: Las Vegas Posted By pcr3

Paul Craig Roberts: Las Vegas Shooting Posted By pcr3

Global Research: Senate Intelligence Committee Finds No Evidence of Russian US Election Interference By Stephen Lendman

Global Research: The Official Las Vegas Shooting Story Lacks Credibility
By Stephen Lendman

The Occidental Observer: Hollywood Strikes Again Cultural Marxism through the medium of big box-office movies


+972: Israeli body that accredits journalists honored for propaganda. The official Israeli government body that accredits journalists has just been honored by the country’s PR association for enhancing Israel’s image abroad. Anyone who values an independent and free press should be alarmed. By Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man

Global Research: Video: Israel Complains Assad Is Winning in Syria
By South Front

Antiwar: Why Israel Supports Kurdish Independence
by Jonathan Cook

Libertarian Institute: 9/27/17 Muhammad Sahimi debunks neoconservative lies about Iran By Damon Hatheway

The Occidental Observer: Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun control campaign The Occidental Observer:


MONDOWEISS: My congressman, Ted Lieu, supports human rights everywhere but Palestine by Charlie Zimmerman          {A living proof being bought and bosses in dishonest favor of Israel}

Mondoweiss: US bans Palestinian runner from Chicago Marathon days before race by Sheren Khalel

+972: Sanders stands with Palestinian activist. More politicians must do the same. On trial in an Israeli military court for nonviolently opposing the occupation, the odds are stacked against Palestinian human rights defender Issa Amro. With the support of U.S. progressives like Bernie Sanders, he might just stand a chance. By Maya Garner

Gush-Shalom: A Tale of Two Stories by Uri Avnery

MONDOWEISS: New group challenges role of Israel lobby inside Labour Party as effort to undermine Corbyn continues By Jonathan Cook

IMEMC: Bennett Demands Halt of PA Revenue Transfer as Netanyahu Condemns Reconciliation


Truth-Out: Marjorie Cohn | Trump Threatens Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea          {That is really not presidential, especially from a country that leads the world}

Truthdig: The Gasoline Car Will Be History Before You Know It {How would that affect the future of Middle East oil?}

The Smirking Chimp. The Trump Presidency: Or How to Further Enrich “The Masters of the Universe”. By Noam Chomsky

NY Times: If Only Stephen Paddock Were a Muslim by Thomas L. Friedman

CONSORTIUMNEWS: Pilger Criticizes Ken Burns’s ‘The Vietnam War’
For decades, the U.S. mainstream media has shied away from a clear-eyed view of the Vietnam War, not wanting to offend the war’s apologists, a residue of which tainted the recent PBS series, as John Pilger told Dennis J Bernstein.

VT: The Earth Has Gone Mad OR Have Men Gone Mad? By Eric Gajewski
Rome abandoning the Catholic Faith and returning to ancient paganism was foretold by the early Church fathers. “Gaia” worship is gaining ground.

VT: Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers—Dialogue with Historian Bryan Mark Rigg (Part II) By Jonas E. Alexis. There are many people in Israel who justify their political actions by standing behind the Holocaust yelling never again will the Jews be led to the slaughter as sheep or never again will the Jews be subjected to a genocide without a fight.

VT: Isaiah 31: Egypt Equals Man (Without God) By Eric Gajewski. Exposing the New World Order…. [There is need for solid evidence and authentic proof. Ancient Egyptians document their history. Folkloric lack evidence and proof. Hollywood make believe moves are entertainment not proof }

VT: Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda (Part I) By GPD

A well-educated and informed public is best equipped to practice democracy and to hold its representatives responsible and accountable to answer and protect its needs.
This newsletter provides what is missing in the US mainstream media and what the American public needs to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. We hope you never fail to make the connection between APPAF’s reported articles and the cause and effect of the Palestinian problem and the vicious Israeli occupation as its illegitimate heinous perpetrator
It follows the Admonitions of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson:
“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people” – John Adams – Second US President
“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson

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Please don’t forget that Palestine is as much of an American problem as it is a Palestinian and an Israeli problem.

• Note: Opinions and views expressed by the authors of the articles in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of APPAF
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